About the Beer Snob

Todd Jennings began his move toward becoming a beer snob in 1990, when someone foisted a bottle of craft beer into his hand at a Brooklyn house party. A couple of years of craft beer and home-brewing later, he turned up his nose on all big beer (i.e BudMillCoors) for good, and he still lives in the land of “beer snobbery” to this very day.

Besides chasing after well-concocted fermented malt beverages, he also has a hand in the running business, having created an interesting series of events called the Brewery & Pub Races. These combine the sport of running with the love of beer in a yearlong schedule of races that Todd describes as “less competitive, and really more about the beer”.  He also produces adventure-style races called the Long Path Races, sending runners off into the woods for many hours at a time, hoping they make it to the finish line without being too much worse for the wear, and where they will very likely also find themselves enjoying a fresh malt beverage as a reward for their effort.

Follow Todd’s journeys around the Hudson Valley in pursuit of all things craft beer, and maybe one day you will become a beer snob, too. And don’t forget to tip your publican generously.

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